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Partner Ecosystem Growth Rates

In several cases, technology services companies focus on an ISV ecosystem to provide consulting and implementation services around a specific platform. We have shared views on different partner ecosystems and the size of each in other posts.

Below we show the traction of distinct ISV ecosystems. We attempt to identify publicly traded software companies with relevant partnership networks. We exclude private businesses where we cannot access current public data (Databricks, Qlik, Cloudera, etc).


The table above is sorted by the 3-year revenue CAGR from 2021 - 2024E. The list includes software names with strong partner networks. Some considerations on the list: hyperscalers show their overall revenue growth, which does not relate to their specific cloud business (AWS tends to grow at a ~25% rate, Azure at ~30%, and GCP at a ~35% clip, corresponding to their respective sizes).

Some key observations:

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