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Datadog Services Partner Ecosystem

Datadog ( is a highly-recognized cloud monitoring and security solution. The company’s products provide an observability service for cloud applications, and monitoring of servers, databases, and tools through a SaaS-based data analytics platform.

New York-based Datadog was founded in 2010 as a real-time unified data platform, later adding application performance monitoring and log management. They went public in 2019 and currently have over $2 billion in revenues (30%+ growth), 26,000 worldwide customers, and more than 4,800 employees. As cloud spending continues to grow, Datadog’s solutions will continue to be in demand by development and operations teams.

Similar to other software vendors, Datadog created a partner program for technology and services organizations to help with adoption and go-to-market. We will analyze the company’s services partners (resellers and consultants).

Datadog has 600 services partners, employing overall 3.8 million team members worldwide.


A third of the services partners are based in North America, almost a quarter in Europe, and the rest evenly divided between Asian and South America. The majority of headcount of these firms, as is typical, is based in Asia (primarily India), with the rest primarily in North America.


As we have seen in other partner ecosystem analyses, more than 80% - almost 500 professional services firms - have fewer than 500 employees, indicating a high level of fragmentation.

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