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Data Series: Snowflake Services Partner Ecosystem Update

We shared our initial views on Snowflake early last year (Snowflake Services Partner Ecosystem Snapshot - Article). Snowflake is a data cloud platform that started as a cloud data warehouse for structured data and evolved into a multi-format unistore with more than 2,300 listings on its marketplace (More on

Snowflake is a pure-play leader in cloud data storage and manipulation, participating in similar markets as Databricks. As is common, established software platforms create partner ecosystems to drive the adoption of their tools. Snowflake has technology partners and consulting / implementation partners in their program. Below is a snapshot on the current services partner network and a comparison with last year’s analysis.

Snowflake currently has 468 services (consulting and implementation) partners worldwide, that together employ more than 5.6 million professional overall (in all disciplines), and carry around 7,400 Snowflake certifications (certs). The majority are in North America, with Europe second.


As we see in other services partner ecosystems, this one is also quite fragmented with a third of the partners with fewer than 100 employees, and almost 60% of the services partners with fewer than 500 team members. Smaller players are niche data engineering and data analytics / science companies given the ratio of certifications to their employee count.


If we compare our 2023 data with this 2024 snapshot we see that Snowflake increased their number of services partners 53% in one year, with the smallest increase in North America (where they focused first) and the highest increase in partner count in other under-penetrated regions. The number of certs also grew similarly to the number of partners.


The number of mid-sized consulting and implementation partners grew the most last year. This was also reflected in the number of certs carried by these mid-sized players.


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