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ServiceNow Services Partner Ecosystem Analysis

At Alten Capital we are fond of technology services companies that align with specific ISVs.

ServiceNow started in 2004 as an IT Service Management (ITSM) platform with the goal of modernizing IT service delivery and automating manual processes. Since its inception, ServiceNow has transformed into a single unifying platform that offers solutions for operations management, employee and customer experience, IT business management (ITBM), and other broad features. ServiceNow’s platform has also grown significantly, with the platform being used by over 80% of Fortune 500 Companies (more than 60,000 organizations in over 190 countries). The company is one of the 15 largest software organizations worldwide when ranked by revenue.

Enterprise adoption has been driven by ServiceNow's cloud-native architecture, designed to run on the cloud and to be accessed by users through a web browser. This cloud-native architecture makes it easy to add new features and functionality to the platform, giving the company high levels of agility that help meet the needs of growing organizations.

ServiceNow has more than 1,600 partners (from systems integrators to ISVs). We count approximately 475 services partner as of Q2. Let’s dig into its services partner ecosystem.

As of Q2 2023, ServiceNow has approximately 475 services partners employing approximately 5.8 million professionals overall. These headcount figures are the total employees of the services partners but this figure does not reflect actual number of certified professionals (there are approximately 200,000 ServiceNow certified professionals worldwide).


The majority of services partners are in North America (49% of total partners), followed by Europe and Asia, accounting for 31% and 12% of total partners, respectively. These three regions account for 92% of the total partners. Interestingly, Europe has a third of services partners but only 7% of the total headcount implying that smaller services companies are ServiceNow partners in Europe, compared to larger partners in general in North America and Asia.


If we sort the data by headcount tiers we can see that services partners with less than 10,000 employees account for 85% of total services partners. Almost half of worldwide services partners have fewer than 100 employees, indicating an important level of fragmentation with smaller partners.

We see a thriving ServiceNow partner ecosystem and remain interested in connecting with services partners that want to scale their global operations. Please reach out to us to connect.