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Google Cloud Services Partner Ecosystem Growth

We previously shared an overview of the Google Cloud services ecosystem ( We’ll review a 2024 update for Alphabet’s Google Cloud services partners.

The hyperscalers (AWS, Azure, and GCP) partner with technology services organizations to help migrate workloads to their platforms and increase the overall adoption of their solutions (compute, storage, networking, machine learning, etc).


Google Cloud has more than 2,300 services partners, from which we found relevant data on more than 2,100 partners. These consulting and implementation companies employ almost 9,000,000 professionals overall. Services partners are fairly distributed worldwide with a significant Asian footprint (almost 70% of headcount, primarily India).


Over half of the GCP services partners have fewer than 100 employees - a long tail of smaller partners.


Google Cloud has added 170 services partners in the last year (9% growth). The Middle East has the highest growth, with South America second.


Google added primarily smaller consulting partners with fewer than 500 employees.

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