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Oracle Cloud Services Partner Ecosystem

Oracle started as a database management company back in the 1970s. For those who have been to their Redwood City offices (HQ moved to Austin, TX), you will remember the cylinder shape of the buildings inside their campus, relating to the simplified depiction of a hard disk (database symbol).

With time Oracle started to add products and functionality buying Siebel Systems, Sun Microsystems, BEA Systems, Hyperion, PeopleSoft, NetSuite and more recently the Cerner announcement. From its on-premise roots, the company has expanded offerings into the cloud with infrastructure (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure - OCI) and applications (Oracle Cloud Applications, Oracle Fusion Cloud, NetSuite).

From a hyperscaler perspective, Oracle is placed 4th by some research firms, or 5th by others, after AWS ($80 billion in revenues), Azure ($50 billion), GCP ($17 billion) and Alibaba Cloud, depending on criteria used. OCI is expected to be approximately $4 billion in revenues (8% of total revenue).

Oracle had revenues of $42 billion in fiscal 2022 and $50 billion for fiscal 2023 (~18% revenue growth, with 40% EBITDA margins). High-level revenue segments include: DBMS 41%, ERP 12%, CRM 8%, App Infrastructure 8%, SCM 5%, Analytics 3%, Other 8%, Hardware 8% and Services 8%.

To tackle adoption of Oracle’s cloud infrastructure and application platforms, the company has a partner strategy that includes services and consulting organizations that help implement Oracle’s solutions. Let’s analyze the strength of Oracle’s services partner ecosystem.


As of Q2 2023, Oracle has approximately 330 worldwide services partners. We could not find information for 11 partners, so we crunched the data on 319. Oracle solutions are primarily used by enterprise customers so these partners help implement each of the segments mentioned above. Relative to other services partner ecosystems we analyzed in the past, Oracle’s is quite balanced with North America and Europe each with 27% of total partners, and both South America and Asia each with 18% of total partners.


These 319 services partners employ a total of 5 million professionals with 80% of partners having headcount of under 1,000 team members each.

Oracle also lists expertise per partner. 100% of the services partners have the Cloud Service expertise, 71% have the Cloud Sell expertise, 60% have the License & Hardware expertise, while only 8% of services partners have the Cloud Build expertise.

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