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OneStream Services Partner Ecosystem Analysis

OneStream Software ( is a corporate performance management (CPM) tool. CPM is a subset of business intelligence (BI) that focuses on monitoring and managing an organization's performance; tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) such as revenue, investment returns, overhead, and operational costs. FP&A teams heavily use these tools for planning, budgeting, what-if scenarios, etc.

Based in Birmingham, Michigan, OneStream was founded in 2010 by folks originally involved in Oracle’s Hyperion financial management products. OneStream raised capital from KKR in 2019 and has over 1,400 worldwide customers.

Like other software platforms, OneStream created a partner program for technology and consulting companies to assist with customer adoption. Below is data on the company’s systems integrators (SIs) and services partners.


OneStream has 125 services partners (systems integrators and consulting companies), half of which are in North America and more than a third in Europe. Unlike other ecosystems, North American partners also have most of their talent in North America.


These organizations overall employ 1.5 million people worldwide. More than half of the services partners have fewer than 100 employees (76% have fewer than 500 employees), indicating a relevant number of boutique firms in the space.

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