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Data Series: Matillion Services Partner Ecosystem

As we continue exploring the top players of the modern data stack, we must stop by Matillion (

Matillion is an ELT (extract load transform) tool that allows to transform data with or without coding. The large amount of connectors the platform offers helps link disparate sources and data stores easily, allowing users to orchestrate their data pipelines. Matillion has native integrations to the largest cloud data warehouses and lakehouses (Snowflake, Databricks, Amazon Redshift, Azure Synapse, and Google BigQuery). The hundreds of connectors and the support for the top cloud data platforms give Matillion an edge relative to other tools.

The company was started in the UK in 2011, has raised more than $300 million, currently has around 700 employees worldwide, and serves more than 1,200 customers.

As is typical for infrastructure software tools, Matillion created a partner program for services companies and another partner program for ISVs that develop software that integrates with Matillion.


After cleaning the consulting partner data, we found approximately 120 consulting partners worldwide. Half of the partners are in North America, and a third are based in Europe. We continue to see the majority of the headcount of these professional services organizations in Asia (primarily India).


These consulting partners employ approximately 1.4 million people worldwide. According to the company, there are over 10,000 certified Matillion professionals. 45% of the partners have fewer than 100 employees overall and 75% of the partners have fewer than 1,000 employees overall. Niche data consulting companies have decided to partner with Matillion.

At Alten Capital we invest in technology services companies and we are fond of consulting businesses that support the modern cloud data stack. Please reach out to us to explore a partnership.