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Commercetools Services Partner Ecosystem

Commercetools ( is an e-commerce leader in “headless commerce” (decoupling of backend and frontend). Composable commerce solutions allow merchants agility and do not lock customers into monolithic offerings. E-commerce accounts for approximately 15% of US retail sales and is growing.

Commercetools was founded in 2006, and its current market share in the e-commerce platform market is nonmaterial. The company’s composable commerce angle provides technology flexibility to its customers and has been recognized by industry analysts such as Gartner, IDC, and Forrester.

Similar to other software platforms, Commercetools created a partner program for tech and services organizations to help their customers with adoption. Below is an analysis of the company’s systems integrators (SIs) and services partners.


Commercetools has almost 100 services partners (systems integrators and agencies), with two-thirds of partners in Europe and one-third in North America. The majority of the headcount for these services organizations is in Asia (primarily India).


Unlike other partner ecosystems, the company has a fairly well-distributed base, from large SIs to smaller boutique agencies, given the heavy technical nature of its solution. Startups tend to select a simpler e-commerce solution than enterprise customers who want to adapt their commerce workflows and integrate with other systems and apps, where Commercetools fits best.

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