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AWS Services Partner Ecosystem Growth

The adoption of cloud environments continues worldwide. Enterprises are running their workloads on the cloud for agility and cost optimization. According to Statista, Amazon’s AWS captures 31% of the overall cloud market, Microsoft Azure 24%, and Google Cloud 11% (as of Q1 2024).

The hyperscalers (AWS, Azure, and GCP) partner with technology services organizations to help migrate workloads to their platforms and increase the overall adoption of their solutions (compute, storage, networking, machine learning, etc).

We previously shared an overview of the AWS services partner ecosystem ( Let’s review a 2024 update.


AWS has more than 1,400 services partners. These consulting and implementation companies employ around 8,000,000 professionals overall. North America has the most number of partners (39%), with Europe second (22%) and Asia third (19%). More than 2/3rds of the headcount of these companies is in Asia, primarily India, as is common for technology professional services organizations.


Over half of the AWS services partners have fewer than 100 employees - a long tail of smaller partners. The smaller services partners are niche cloud consultancies given their ratio of more than one AWS certification per employee.


AWS added 350 services partners in the last year (32% growth).


The smallest tier is the one with the highest growth.


Overall, certifications remained quite constant. Note that certifications expire after a period of time, and professionals need to renew their certifications periodically.

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