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Appian Services Partner Ecosystem Analysis

Founded in 1999, Appian is a low-code automation platform that helps organizations automate complex workflows and improve process efficiency. Appian developed a consulting partner ecosystem to support customers and increase platform adoption.

We highlight the Appian services partner ecosystem, focusing on its regional distribution and size, providing insights into the scale and reach of Appian’s partner network.

Appian has approximately 160 service partners distributed across regions (we excluded companies with no data or employees).

North America has the highest concentration of partners, with 46% of the total, followed by Europe with 33% and Asia with 11%. As is typical with consulting and implementation businesses, Asia (primarily India) accounts for the most significant headcount overall in these service organizations, representing 83% of all team members and employees by Appian consulting partners.

In terms of size, Appian's partners show the following distribution:

Almost two-thirds of the partners have fewer than 500 employees, indicating several boutique consulting firms focusing on automation and low-code expertise.

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