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An Investor’s Modern Cloud Data Stack Primer

As AI and GenAI continue to attract enterprise interest, understanding success requirements becomes relevant. An organization’s data is the starting point for any GenAI strategy, and elevating the company’s overall data maturity is a priority. We’ve already shared views on the talent side of data and AI: Let’s double down on select components of a modern cloud data stack.

Select components of a modern cloud data stack include data ingestion, storage, transformation, analysis, orchestration, and governance. More info on each category is below (note: the hyper scalers have specific solutions for each of these categories; there are multiple open-source solutions for each as well, and some vendors listed below cover several categories and functionalities): 

  • Data Ingestion: These tools efficiently import data from various sources into a centralized repository. They support real-time, batch, or micro-batch ingestion from databases, SaaS applications, and APIs. 

    logo fivetran                              Confluent_logo_color                               TalendLogoCoral

  • Data Storage: These cloud-based storage options can securely store large volumes of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data, offering scalability and cost-effectiveness.

    Snowflake Logo              Databricks_Logo            Amazon-Web-Services-AWS-Logo.png              Microsoft_Azure.svg                gcp-02

  • Data Transformation: These tools clean, enrich, and reshape raw data into a usable analysis format, supporting ETL and ELT processes.

    dbt-logo                           logo_og.                      2560px-Alteryx_logo.svg

  • Data Analysis and Visualization: These tools allow business users to explore and visualize data, creating interactive dashboards and reports that generate actionable insights.

    Tableau-Logo                        Looker_6f803d7fdc                           ffcade7ea39de9b876eb76bbbd4fedb5

  • Data Orchestration and Workflow Management: These tools automate and schedule data workflows, ensuring efficient and reliable data pipeline execution.

          39270919                          astronomer-logo-RGB-standard-1200px                dagster-primary-horizontal

  • Data Governance and Security: These tools maintain data integrity, compliance, and secure access through features like role-based access control, data lineage, and encryption.

    Alation,_Inc._logo (1)                    fotonoticia_20231128180748_9999                  Collibra-Logo-RGB-FullColor


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